Second Year and Beyond

QUALIFYING EXAM - During the Fall quarter of the second year, students and their advisor work together to form a thesis committee comprising of the advisor and three other faculty members, at least two of which are members of the BMB faculty. The student will prepare a written proposal for thesis research and hold their first thesis committee meeting by the end of winter quarter.  Passing the qualifying exam permits the student to enter into candidacy for the Ph.D.

THESIS RESEARCH - After passing the qualifying exam, the student commits a majority of their time to research.  BMB Students must continue to hold committee meetings every six months and not more than 9 months apart.  Students must submit, to a peer-reviewed journal, a minimum of one primary research manuscript on which they are listed as first author. The student completes the requirements for the Ph.D. by writing a dissertation describing their research, presenting their work to their thesis committee in a private session and defending it in a public seminar. 

TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIPS - All graduate students in BSD are required to teach for two quarters. Some students with no prior teaching experience can choose to take a TA (Teaching Assistantship) course, which explores teaching approaches and curriculum design, in lieu of the first TAship. Students are encouraged to complete their TA requirements in years three and four.