Nancy B. Schwartz

Research Summary
This program has evolved from the basic biochemistry and enzymology of glycoconjugate structure, function, and synthesis to the study of glycoconjugates in cartilage development, including the identification of gene defects in disorders of skeletal development and chondrodystrophies and the underlying pathophysiology of the matrix deficiencies. A second major area of interest involves CNS development, and the role of gliogenesis and glial cell function in traumatic brain injury, infection and developmental disorders.
Chondrodystroph, Genetic disorders, CNS development
  • University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, PhD Biochemistry 1971
  • University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, Postdoc Biochemistry 1971-74
Awards & Honors
  • - American Heart Association Established Investigatorship
  • - Arthritis Foundation Fellowship
  • - NIH Mentor of Excellence Award
  • - NIH Merit Awardee
  • - NPA Distinguished Service Award
  • - Research Career Development Award
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