Kent Mouw
Functional Analysis of Serine Recombinase Synaptic Complex Architectural and E , 2007
Advisor: Phoebe Rice
Current Position: Clinical Instructor, Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School
Stanislav Nagy
Myosin-X Selects Fascin-Actin Bundles for Processive Motility Using a Novel Structural Adaptation, 2010
Advisor: Ronald Rock
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Copenhagen
Kim Nayun
Transcription and DNA Repair In Immunoglobulin Gene Somatic Hypermutations, 2000
Advisor: Ursula Storb
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, University of Texas
Thaddeus Novak
Catalytic Mechanism of Exon Ligation by the Yeast Spliceosome, 2009
Advisor: Joseph Piccirilli
Current Position: Deceased
William Ogle
Functional analysis of the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) gene encoding the infected cell protein No. 22 (ICP22), 1998
Advisor: Bernard Roizman
James Ozeran
Identification and characterization of a PAPS translocase from rat liver Golgi, 1995
Advisor: Nancy Schwartz
Current Position: Physician, Pediatric Hematology & Oncology
Adarsh Pandit
Topology and Heterogeneity at the Rate-Limiting Step of the Protein Folding Pathway, 2005
Advisor: Tobin Sosnick
Current Position: Managing Partner, Cylinder Digital (Software)
Feroz Papa
Contribution of the Saccharomy-Ces Cerevisiae DOA4 Ubiquitin Isopeptidase, 1995
Advisor: Mark Hochstrasser
George Perdrizet,II
Control of Translation Initiation by Messenger RNA Sequence and Structure, 2014
Advisor: Tao Pan
Current Position: Postdoc, UCSF
Benjamin Perman
Time-resolved macromolecular x-ray crystallography: The photocycle of photoactive yellow protein, a xanthopsin from Ectothiorhodospira halophila, 1999
Advisor: Keith Moffat