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Advisor: Ronald Rock
Current Position: Regulatory Affairs Manager, University of Chicago Medical Center, University of Chicago
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Advisor: Fuyuhiko Tamanoi
Current Position: Sr Medical Director, GlaxoSmithKline
Pamela Connerly
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Advisor: Ben Glick
Current Position: Associate Professor/Coordinator of Biology, Indiana University Southeast
Adam Conway
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Advisor: Phoebe Rice
Current Position: Senior Counsel, AbbVie
Mauricio Cortez
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Advisor: Nancy Schwartz
Current Position: Group Lead Hematology, Cellarity
David Courson
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Advisor: Ronald Rock
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor Chemistry & Biochemistry Old Dominion University
Sean Crosson
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Advisor: Keith Moffat
Current Position: Rudolph Hugh Endowed Professor, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Michigan State University
Xing Dai
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Current Position: Professor, Biological Chemistry School of Medicine, UC Irvine
Gregory Darnell
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Advisor: Stephen Meredith
Current Position: Technical & Marketing Consultant, Sherwood Strategies
Joseph DeBartolo
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Advisor: Tobin Sosnick
Current Position: Senior Principal Scientist, Bioinformatics, Pfizer