Sergio Alcoser
Effect of Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor-4Gamma on Pancreatic Beta-Cell Function , 2006
Advisor: Graeme Bell
Current Position: Biologist, National Cancer Institute, NIH
Spencer Anderson
Structural Changes in the Photocycle of the E46Q Mutant of Photoactive Yellow Protein , 2003
Advisor: Keith Moffat
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, Northwestern University and BioCARS - Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory
Cassandra Snedden Arendt
Contribution of Beta-Subunit Propeptides to Yeast 20S Proteasome Function and Assembly , 2001
Advisor: Mark Hochstrasser
Current Position: Digital Marking Advisor, Triathlon Coach and Adjunct Professor, Pacific University School of Pharmacy
Rebecca Ayers
Design and signaling mechanisms of PAS sensor proteins: How cells sense and respond to their environment, 2009
Advisor: Keith Moffat
Current Position: Business development consultant
Alessandra Barrera
Investigation of the Structure and Function of the Bacillus Subtilis RNASE P Holoenzyme , 2004
Advisor: Tao Pan
Current Position: Associate Professor of Biology, Georgia Gwinnett College
Ilana Berlin
Regulation of cell surface receptor trafficking through the ESCRT-0 complex by the deubiquitinating enzyme USP8, 2009
Advisor: Piers Nash
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands
David Bharucha
Ormation and Modulation of Multiple States of Glucagon-Receptor, 1988
Advisor: Howard Tager
Current Position: Allergan, Vice President, Therapeutic Area Head
Jessica Bockhorn
The Role of MicroRNAs in Breast Cancer Invasion and Drug Response (Interaction between estrogen receptor and TBP), 2012
Advisor: Geoffrey Greene
Current Position: Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs, Kartos Therapeutics, Inc.
David Boerema
Total Chemical Synthesis of Ribonuclease A and Designed Analogues with Enhanced Catalytic Activity, 2007
Advisor: Stephen Kent
Current Position: Director, Breakthrough Technologies, CSL Behring
Marta Borowska
Molecular Insights into unconventional Immune Recognition: A Case of Commensal Superantigens, Polyreactive Antibodies and Butyrophilin Signaling, 2020
Advisor: Erin Adams
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Stanford University